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honey, I’m home!

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In preparation for Mr. Pilot’s weekly homecoming, I have developed a ritual. It goes something like this:

1. Clean frantically.

2. Make the house look pretty.

3. Fake Perfection, aka, pretend I haven’t been running around like an idiot for the past two hours and put on some makeup and a nice outfit. What are you talking about? No I didn’t just clean the house and secretly shove all of the dirty clothes under the bed. It’s been like this all week. Oh that flower arrangement? Just whipped that up for no particular reason at all.

Number One, Clean Frantically. I am not going to lie. I’m not the cleanest most organized person. But when I have visitors or my Pilot comes home, I TRY to be. This ‘trying’ might consist of hiding my mess under the bed, in the closet or up on a shelve, dusting around the lamps but not picking them up, and shutting all bedroom doors, but it still counts for something right? I want people to think I’m organized. Who really has time to clean anyways? By the time I get home from work, the LAST thing I want to do is run a duster along the bookshelves. Keeping a house clean is a full-time job people.

The biggest problem I have is dealing with the amount of hair my two dogs produce. Let’s just say that I empty my vacuum canister about 5 times during each cleaning session. It’s gross.

Number Two, Make the House Look Pretty. After I spent a power hour cleaning my whole house tonight, I wanted to do something special. Maybe it will go unnoticed, but who cares. I saw a DIY flower arrangement on one of the blogs I read (this blog) that inspired me to create an arrangement. Here’s how it turned out. Not nearly as intricate as the example but still pretty.

Number Three, Fake Perfection. So after I proudly displayed my flowers, lit a few candles to make the place smell yummy and feel cozy, I went upstairs to tackle my disheveled self. And, do this! (also an inspiration from the same blog).
So now, we wait. Until Mr. Pilot comes home.


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