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shit happens.

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This is Olive, our 1-year-old, Labrador-Shar Pei mix. While I love her to death, she drives me absolutely insane. Like right now, as I sit at my computer, she lays at my feet, emitting the most foul stench from her rear end every minute or so. Ew.

So anyways, I decided to take my dogs for a run after work. I’m on a fitness kick and thought a run would be good for both me and my two dogs. Since it had just stopped raining, we embarked on our run. About five minutes or so into our expedition, Olive starts pooping in the middle of the sidewalk. There is nothing I can do about it since (I know this is graphic) it is liquid. At this point, it is too late to turn around so we keep running. Well, the little nugget decides to shit the entire duration of our run. Probably about a dozen or so times. Pooping mid-run, while I drag her along. I feel sorry for whomever comes across that path next. Needless to say, she will not be running with me tomorrow.

If only my fiance weren’t in Detroit. He should be here to share the embarrassment and stink.